List of Best HR Blogs in India

List of Best HR Blogs in India :

List of Best HR Blogs in India

List of Best HR Blogs in India

Many HR blogs in India provide reliable and good-quality information regarding various HR questions that you might have in your mind. Take a look at the top HR blogs in India:

This Noida based consultancy firm has one motto, to get everyone in India a job, staffing and recruiting is their main agenda. A great blog with articles on a varied range of topics from best HR colleges in India to providing tips to HRs and managers on how to maintain a motivating environment at workplace, this blog has it all! Creative content on numerous aspects of HR makes this blog as one of the best and it should be on the top of your list!

People Matters

A pretty frequent blog, in updating articles on the current happenings in the HR world. People Matters also releases interviews with various leading HR heads to help aspire budding HR managers get an overview regarding the HR domain. It also organises various webinars, to keep people engaged, thus making this blog one of the front runners today!

People Strong Blog

A firm with a strong network base and great HR expertise, People Strong are one of the best in their field. Continuous update on the HR technology, with a variety of article on recruitment, work-life, payroll and many more, makes it a great read. Various articles on the effects of Covid-19 in the current situation, a huge archive dating back to the year 2008, this blog has too many great articles to satisfy your reading thirst.

ADP India HR Blog

Numerous blogs, case studies, an overview of various HR acts, this blog has it all. Articles relating to workplace trends, the maternity benefit act, talent management, talent retention, Salaries and wages are some of the many exciting articles that you can get your hands upon in this blog. Providing various HR solutions through their aim of personal touch helps them in maintaining their key position in the firm and makes their blog a valuable read.

Cute HR

A firm that provides HR software & management solution, team management, employee monitoring facilities and many more, also provides a great blog section, providing numerous articles on the HR policies. Along with the regular stuff, articles on various HR software makes it a tad bit different from the other HR blogs thereby earning a position in the top HR blogs of India.


An active blog, with a huge article list touching onto all the key aspects of the HR world. Pledged to simplify complex workflows and the provider of the employee-centric payroll software, this blog has a huge, never-ending list of HR-related topics, that you won’t be running out of any time soon! Any HR related query, this blog might have a solution to all of your problems!

Wise Step

Huge number of articles on different domains like HR, management, workplace, workforce, talent acquisition and talent retention, this blog hoards it all. Articles on HR analytics, HR policies, CV tip for HR and many more, this blog is filled with all this. This firm provides the solution for accelerated recruitment compiled with real-time analytics and intelligence thus being a veteran in the field of HR.


As the slogan of the firm goes, “Human Resources Simplified!”, it lives up to its mission. Along with the articles, this also provides real-time updates about the current happenings in all the firms in their HR departments, thereby keeping the followers updated, thus making it a must to check out.

Sights in Plus

Sections like interviews, milestones, HR practices, hot topics, news and many more thus providing the users, different kinds of articles and videos that they can go through. Keeping everyone updated with the news section, popularising different kinds of HR practices, this blog caters to all different kinds of reading materials.


This firm aims to regularly update and thereby keep people updated with the interesting and insightful topics of HR segment, business and the world. HR consulting and HR operations are the fields they specialise in, thereby using their expertise to make people all over, keep updated.


This award-winning blog from India by Tanmay Vora, has great insights not only in HR but also leadership, learning and changes. A blog running since 2006, Mr Vora has been ranked amongst the top Indian HR influencers on social media for 5 consecutive years, thereby sharing personal experiences, current trends, making his blog worth reading.

HR Success Talk Blog

Hundreds of articles on the blog relating to HR discussions, performance management, recruitment any more. This also offers an HR forum, for open discussions on various HR topics, which is a huge hit among the followers. It also provides the download option for various HR policies, letters and formats and many more thus providing different resources at one place.

The HR Blog

A unique way of providing information related to the various HR topics through interview questions, so that the readers can better connect it to the real-life experiences, gives this blog the edge that most of the other blog lags. Negotiation skills are also provided through articles written and thus it becomes one of the must-read blogs in everyone’s list.

These are some of the best HR blogs in India. The huge number of articles on various topics are provided here. Go through them, to pursue your interest in the field of HR. Keeping yourself updated with the happenings in all the sectors in the business is a great way to be ahead in the game. Amazing articles to binge upon, go through these to have an enriching experience.